Rose gold plated rings

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Our rose gold-plated rings

Whether they are set with zircons, thin, thicker, braided or even set with gemstones, our rings for women to personalise and adopt will adorn your everyday outfits but also those planned for a special event. Our rings are designed to stand on their own but also to be combined. Create your most beautiful matches or fall for our rose gold-plated ring sets mixing materials, stones, medals and styles. A fine rose gold-plated ring worn alone or combined with a ring with flat medal, dare to fall in love. Let your imagination run wild and above all your desires, we take care of the rest. All our jewels are assembled and shipped from our Atelier based in Bordeaux where the passion for jewellery is transmitted.
As you can see, creating your ideal ring, the one that suits you, is child's play! The hardest part will surely be to choose among our panel of customisable jewels. Promise, your happiness is sure to be hidden there! Whether they are to be engraved, mixed or stacked, the rings of L'Atelier d'Amaya are waiting for you! Give life to jewels that look like you. Our collection of rings is regularly enriched with new items to offer you the latest jewellery and trendy women's rings, but we also offer you eternal pieces so that you can find the right ring for your finger at any time. All occasions are good to please yourself. A ring is a personal gift that should be chosen with care and love. Choose a gold ring, a flower ring or a band ring. Whatever your budget, you will find the ideal ring.

How to know your ring size?

In order to make it a complete part of you, we have at heart to propose jewellery that fit every morphology. We offer different ring sizes that can be worn on any hand. With the help of a printable ring size chart or by measuring the circumference of your finger, you can easily find the size that suits you and for which your ring will perfectly fit your finger. We recommend you check out our Size guide for more information.

How to remove ring from swollen finger?

Unable to remove your favourite ring from your finger despite numerous attempts? Don't panic, there are solutions to try before considering cutting your jewellery off. First of all, you should know that the size of your finger can vary according to the temperature, the altitude or the time of day. To remedy this, we recommend that you immerse your hand in cold water to stimulate blood circulation. Keep your arm and hand up in the air in order to act on the blood reflux. You can then try to remove the jewellery gently, turning the ring gently from left to right to facilitate its movement. If, despite these attempts, the ring does not deign to leave your finger, we advise you to use a lubricating liquid such as sweet almond oil, soapy water or butter. Be careful not to use just any liquid on your jewellery, otherwise it may be damaged. Using a lubricant makes it easier to remove a stuck ring.

Which ring is for engagement ring ?

It is above all a question of comfort, style and above all personal choice. However, it is important to know that a ring worn on a certain finger can have a particular meaning. The best known of all, the engagement ring is most often worn on the ring finger on the right hand. The wedding ring, on the other hand, is worn on the ring finger of the left hand.

How to clean a rose gold-plated ring?

Like you, your rings deserve special attention. Cleaning your jewellery is essential to keep the contents of your jewellery box shining. Whether it's the passage of time, daily activities, special events and products that may come into contact with your rings, they can become tarnished and lose their shine. There are several ways to bring out the light in your jewellery. We recommend that you visit the Jewellery care page for more information.