L’Atelier d’Amaya is an established family business that is first an ode to women. Conceived more than 15 years ago by a mother and daughter duo, Laure and Amaya, the Atelier is proud to offer jewel collections that are created to make your everyday life sparkle. Thanks to our passionate group of creatives, our jewellery pieces empower women by making them feel confident and happy. From small attentions to significant life milestones, each carefully crafted piece becomes an essential part of life, and is the perfect gift to make the eyes of your loved ones shine...

Rings for womenRings for women
Earrings for womenEarrings for women
Bracelets for womenBracelets for women
Necklaces for womenNecklaces for women
new collection of jewellery for womennew collection of jewellery for women
Engraved jewellery for womenEngraved jewellery for women
Liberty jewellery for womenLiberty jewellery for women
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Jewels inspired by you

Whether you choose from our iconic pieces or our limited editions, we create unique designs that will reflect who you really are, jewels that will tell your story, showcase your desires and your individuality. Each piece of jewellery is like a blank page for you to fill. Whether it's through the choice of colours, gemstones, tassels and straps, or by personalising them through our high-quality engraving service, you can be endlessly creative and playful. We are committed to offering jewellery that suits every body type and shape, and this is why we offer our customers a great variety of sizes and lengths for many of our products, as well as specific customised designs such as our adjustable rings. “Step into our universe, create your own keepsakes with unique pieces.”

Beautiful everyday jewels

We offer modern and timeless pieces, and we believe that jewels should be an affordable everyday luxury. Grow your collection, look good and feel your best by discovering our various designs that will suit any occasion, your every desire or mood. Necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings or single earrings, and many more, all are masterfully crafted pieces designed and assembled in our Bordeaux workshop. Whether you love 925 sterling silver or gold-plated pieces, even rose gold ones, the choice is yours. There are also fine semi-precious gemstones to choose from, and they go with any of our creations.

L’Atelier d’Amaya is about women who care about family too. Discover our elegant and timeless pieces for men, refined yet easy to wear. For a father, a brother, a husband or a friend, find that most perfect bracelet for the men in your life among our iconic pieces. Our collection of 925 sterling silver and gold-plated jewellery for men are trendy everyday essentials. You can personalise them by using our high-quality engraving service to add a message, a date, or a symbol that will make an unforgettable gift to those you cherish.

Children's jewellery

Children's jewelleryChildren's jewellery
Children's jewelleryChildren's jewellery

Because there is really no age limit for discovering the treasures of our workshop, we offer jewellery that is suitable for children. The essentials of our collections are just made to please your little ones. We have many customisable options so that your child and you can choose a unique creation: an engraved medal, a liberty bracelet, pearls and tassels, or a mother-daughter duo, it’s up to you! Gift a personalised children's bracelet for any occasion: birth, birthday, christening, it's such a wonderful way to show love and care between generations. Want to share a piece of jewellery with your mini-me? Discover our mother/child bracelet duo in the colours of our brand. Show your special bond, and say I love you through a beautiful piece of craftsmanship.