What is the standard quality of Amaya jewellery ?

For more than fifteen years now, we have been designing jewellery to fulfil all your desires.

Throughout the years, we have partnered with many trusted artisans to ensure that we offer you exceptional jewellery that our customers come back to time and time again. Creating every single piece is like a journey, and we carefully follow every single step in that process. That is why we know our products inside out, from the materials used to the manufacturing techniques. By rigorous selections and checks, we make sure you always get the finest quality.

Whether in 925 sterling silver, gold-plated or rose gold-plated, all our pieces come with a one-year guarantee.

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Sterling Silver

A beautiful precious metal, 925 sterling silver, also known as solid silver, contains 92.5% pure silver. The remaining percentage is made up of other metals, such as copper. All our silver jewellery is hallmarked to certify the authenticity of the material.


Quality of Sterling Silver jewellery Quality of Sterling Silver jewellery
Quality of 925 silver jewellery Quality of 925 silver jewellery


We offer a range of jewellery with gemstones. These natural stones will elegantly enhance each of your jewels. They lend a singular aspect to your pieces. Indeed, they are unique, and their size and colour vary slightly from one piece of jewellery to another. To cater for a wide range of customers, some of our jewels have synthetic man-made stones, which are more uniform in appearance and therefore offer a more consistent look. When this is the case, we systematically indicate it on the product specifications.

Quality of jewellery with gemstonesQuality of jewellery with gemstones
Duo of necklaces with gemstone for womenDuo of necklaces with gemstone for women
Quality of the JewelleryQuality of the Jewellery

Our jewels are emotions that last a lifetime

We create jewellery as keepsakes for you, so our teams of professionals do their utmost to ensure that your precious pieces L'Atelier D'Amaya will last and accompany you at every moment of your life. This is why we offer a high-quality repair service.

When possible, we would rather repair a jewel that means a lot to you than simply replace it. The pieces are sent back to our workshops to be taken care of, and if the item is not repairable, they are always properly recycled. Your jewel is then replaced by a new one. All this is covered for free by our one-year guarantee included in your purchase, or, if the jewel is older, through contacting our expert appraisal service for an estimation. We remain at your disposal for practical solutions to enjoy your L’Atelier D’Amaya creations for as long as possible.

Do you want to make your jewellery unique ?

Because our jewellery is about telling your story, we offer a high-quality engraving service on some of our jewels and medals. Made in our Bordeaux workshop, they are handcrafted and checked by our teams before being sent to you, so that your pieces are just the way you ordered them.

We have at heart to support a better tomorrow for many generations. We recycle all non-repairable jewels or elements not used in our creations. Once you have selected the L’Atelier d’Amaya jewels you will treasure, we have also chosen to send them in FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified gift packaging. This label means that the wood used in the manufacture of our packaging comes from sustainably managed forests.

Now that you know everything about our products, discover our 925 sterling silver, gold-plated and rose gold-plated collections.


Sterling Silver necklace to engrave Sterling Silver necklace to engrave