Bachelorette party gifts

Of all the traditions, the hen party is by far the most festive!
If the intention is clear, to celebrate the beginning of a new life in a joyful and good mood, the search for gift ideas can very quickly turn into a headache. So how can you please and show your friendship to the queen of the evening? Thanks to L'Atelier d'Amaya, you will find the perfect EVA gift that will turn this tradition into a unique event. 

A declaration of friendship with an engraved jewel

Attending this famous rite of passage is not without some emotion. Each participant obviously wants to show their friendship and happiness to the lucky one. Engraved jewellery is the ideal solution. You can symbolise your relationship by adding the first letter of her first name, the number corresponding to the date of the Big Day or any other information that will arouse emotion. Available in 925 Silver, 18 carat 3 micron Gold-Plated or 3 micron Rose Gold-Plated, our engraved jewellery offers you a wide range of possibilities to celebrate this event. 

A personalised
EVJF gift

Make a mark! This is what is expected when such an event is organised. To do this, what better way than to offer personalised jewellery. Our Atelier offers you a wide choice of tie bracelets that will mark this special moment with a white stone. You will find a range of colours that will enhance the outfit of the person concerned on the big day. You can also choose between multi-cord bracelets or simple cords decorated, according to taste, with a pendant that will reflect the personality of the future wife. Jewellery to be personalised is definitely the original gift par excellence ! 

The same jewel for everyone

And why not create a feeling of belonging thanks to an identical piece of jewellery for the whole group? Thanks to our Liberty range, L'Atelier d'Amaya offers you a selection of bracelets that are 100% customisable. Adaptable to all budgets, Liberty bracelets are also available in a wide choice of prints. Add a personalised and/or engraved pendant and you have a unique gift that will convey a spirit of sisterhood. This little gift will make a lasting impression not only on the lucky lady but also on all the guests. 

925 silver bracelets for women 925 silver bracelets for women

Now you are ready for this mythical moment !

As you can see, our workshop is full of gift ideas. If your aim is to offer an original present, then your choice should be a personalised and engraved piece of jewellery. By offering it only to the queen of the evening or also to her guests, you will certainly make a lasting impression. Although bachelor party traditions differ around the world, the intention is always the same: to celebrate happiness. So show your friendship with a unique gift that is sure to delight the birthday girl. Better than a festive moment, this moment will become an unforgettable one.