Jewellery Care

Our ambition at L'Atelier d'Amaya is to offer jewellery for all tastes and to please everyone.
For nearly fifteen years, we have been working to create little treasures in three materials: sterling silver, gold-plated and rose gold-plated in order to satisfy all your desires.
These are guaranteed nickel-free to avoid any risk of allergy.

We offer you our advice on how to keep your jewellery shiny and how to wear it as much as you like.

Sterling Silver

Why is my silver jewellery tarnished ?

Silver is a very stable material, however your sterling silver jewellery may tarnish with time. The metals it is alloyed with can react to their surroundings creating a tarnish. To slow down or avoid this natural phenomenon, do not put your jewellery in contact with perfumes, creams, or chemical products, and avoid storing it in a humid place.
Finally, the acidity of the skin can also have an impact on your jewellery. However, this condition is not irreversible.  


How do I clean tarnished silver jewellery ?

You can restore the shine to the jewellery by using a silver polish. There are also little homemade tricks like toothpaste. Always use a soft cloth to avoid scratching the jewellery.

Care of 925 silver jewels Care of 925 silver jewels
Care of 925 silver jewelsCare of 925 silver jewels


How do I care for jewellery with gemstones ?

Gemstones are delicate and do not tolerate chemicals or harsh cleaners. You can clean them with water and then with a soft, clean, damp cloth to restore their brilliant colours.
However, this treatment will not change the nature of the gemstone, as they are natural and their colour may differ from one piece of jewellery to another.

Care of gemstones jewels Care of gemstones jewels
Care of gemstones jewels Care of gemstones jewels