Lithotherapy jewellery in semi-precious gemstonesLithotherapy jewellery in semi-precious gemstones

Lithotherapy is a natural method that uses the properties of semi-precious gemstones to treat physical and mental disorders as well as various related illnesses. Lithotherapy involves wearing gemstones or jewellery made from these very stones. Semiprecious stones are the stones used in lithotherapy. They are minerals whose list is precisely defined. They are distinguished from precious stones and organic gemstones. The most notable semi-precious gemstones are rose quartz, turquoise, onyx, amethyst, aventurine, jade, agate, tourmaline and lapis lazuli. Semiprecious gemstones, which are very common in jewellery, have properties that make their use particularly relevant in lithotherapy. Semi-precious tones are also known as gemstones.

Our lithotherapy stone jewellery

Our range of semi-precious gemstones is first and foremost a collection of trendy, elegant jewellery made from carefully selected gemstones. No two lithotherapy gemstones are alike, making your jewellery unique. Choose our lithotherapy bracelets, pendants, necklaces or earrings to suit your tastes, hair colour or skin tone.

Our jewellery brings out the best in your personality. Find your favourite colours of semi-precious gemstones in our collection: pink, green, blue, violet, brown and black, in a multitude of shades and reflections. As well as adopting modern, refined jewellery, you'll benefit from the well-being of protective gemstones for your body and mind.

Gemstones collectionGemstones collection

Which stones and minerals to choose for your well-being?

To take full advantage of the benefits of gemstones, certain minerals should be chosen. Their benefits for well-being and physical and mental health can be seen in a wide range of ailments and diseases. 


To use gemstones to treat stress and anxiety, choose amethyst or rose quartz.


If you suffer from osteoarthritis, labradorite jewellery will give you relief.


Do you find it hard to fall asleep, do you feel you haven't had enough sleep, or do you suffer from nightmares and frequent night-time awakenings? Rose quartz, amethyst, lapis lazuli or jade will improve your sleep problems.


To encourage love relationships and attract love to you, make the gemstones and virtues of rose quartz your own.


If you lack self-confidence, agate and rhodonite jewels are the ones you should wear every day.

Semiprecious gemstones most commonly used in lithotherapy

Some semi-precious gemstones are particularly effective in a number of areas.

Hammered band ring with set pink Quartz Gold-platedHammered band ring with set pink Quartz Gold-plated


An almost translucent quartz, rose quartz is considered to be the stone of love in all its forms. This stone is also effective against stress.


925 Silver two-row beaded ring with set Amethyst925 Silver two-row beaded ring with set Amethyst


An opaque violet stone, sometimes streaked with grey, black or white veins. Amethyst is beneficial for sleep disorders and general physical relaxation.


Aventurine jewelleryAventurine jewellery


A deep green colour, aventurine calms people who are stressed and anxious. Physically, this fine stone improves the appearance of the skin.


Chain bracelet with Lapis Lazuli row Sterling SilverChain bracelet with Lapis Lazuli row Sterling Silver


This gemstone, renowned for its unique deep blue colour, brings mental relaxation and eases sleep disorders.


Combining lithotherapy jewellery

Our jewellery makes it possible to combine different gemstones according to your needs and the virtues of the stones.

For a semi-precious gemstone, create your own composition or set with two or three items of jewellery: a bracelet, a necklace, a pendant, earrings or a ring. To benefit from the properties of several minerals, opt for several pieces of jewellery, for example a bracelet and a necklace, made from different gemstones. It's advisable to match the colours and materials of the jewellery, but for a trendy ensemble, don't hesitate to mix sterling silver and gold-plated bracelets together.

Wearing jewellery made from natural stones

Our range of jewellery with gemstones includes:

Gemstone necklacesGemstone necklaces
Gemstone earringsGemstone earrings
Gemstone braceletsGemstone bracelets
Gemstone ringsGemstone rings
Gemstone pendantsGemstone pendants

Take advantage of our precious gemstone pendants: earring pendants, medals... Choose a necklace with a fine gemstone and fall for our pastille-moonstone-silver-925. Combine them with a bracelet to benefit from the energies of the gemstones with our Half bangle and chain bracelet with medal and Moonstone Gold-plated.
Choose from our most beautiful earrings with natural gemstones and fall for our Labradorite hoop earrings Sterling Silver. Adorn your hands with our rings set with gemstones. You'll love the Pink Quartz lozenge and Tourmaline ring Sterling Silver. For the gemstones and the associated chakras to diffuse in your body, you should prefer jewellery to come into direct contact with your body and skin. That's why it's best to wear bracelets, necklaces and pendants on your skin and not on your clothes...

Birthstone: personalised jewellery gifts

There are many occasions to give a piece of jewellery adorned with gemstones. Births, christenings and birthdays are all perfect occasions for a gift of this kind.
Choose your gemstones according to the month in which your loved ones were born:

January gemstone:

Gemstone GrenatGemstone Grenat

February gemstone:

Gemstone AméthysteGemstone Améthyste

March gemstone:

Gemstone Aigue MarineGemstone Aigue Marine

April gemstone:

Gemstone Topaze blancheGemstone Topaze blanche

May gemstone:

Gemstone ChrysopraseGemstone Chrysoprase

June gemstone:

Gemstone Pierre de luneGemstone Pierre de lune

July gemstone:

Gemstone RhodoniteGemstone Rhodonite

August gemstone:

Gemstone OlivineGemstone Olivine

September gemstone:

Gemstone Lapis LazuliGemstone Lapis Lazuli

October gemstone:

Gemstone TourmalineGemstone Tourmaline

November gemstone:

Gemstone CitrineGemstone Citrine

December gemstone:

Gemstone TurquoiseGemstone Turquoise