Thick chain bracelet with small Maya medal Gold-plated

Customize Thick chain bracelet with small Maya medal Gold-plated

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Small Maya medal
Thick chain bracelet
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The gold-plated thick chain bracelet with small Maya medal is a classic reinvented: its thick mesh and the textured effect of its medal will enhance any look.

- Made with the greatest care, this bracelet is in Gold-plated.
- The art of gifting: we carefully ship your jewellery in beautiful boxes or cotton pouches.

*except for tassels, tie bracelets and Liberty, guaranteed for 3 months.


Measurements are in millimeters
Small Maya medal Gold-plated
  • Thickness : 1.23
  • Diameter : 10.00
Thick chain bracelet Gold-plated
  • Length : 155.00
  • Adjustment chain levels : 155 - 185

Our gold-plated

Gold plating is made of an alloy of different metals (mainly brass), coated with 18-carat gold, with a true thickness of 3 microns. The micron corresponds to the number of layers of plating applied. It is therefore more resistant than fine gold, which only has a gold thickness of less than 3 microns.