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Men’s jewellery: a trendy and unique accessory

Jewellery is often wrongly associated with femininity. In fact, men started wearing jewellery long before women; for style, protection and even luck. Everyone deserves the jewellery that looks and feels like them. Jewellery, in all its possible forms, is an everyday accessory that follows you through each day of your life, whether it is unforgettable or more classic. For our part, we are committed to creating unforgettable jewellery, jewellery that looks like you and that you will love. Because nothing is more beautiful than what is made with the heart, our jewels are assembled in our Atelier based in Bordeaux, where the passion for jewellery is passed on. Discover our permanent collection of 925 silver and gold-plated jewellery for men and stay on trend. Opt for our signature models to perfect your looks. Whether you are looking for a cheap men's jewellery or a personalised men's jewellery, you will find your happiness.

What jewellery for a man?

When it comes to style, there are no rules. It is above all a question of personal choice and taste. The most important thing when choosing a piece of jewellery is to recognise yourself in what you are wearing and to have a sentimental attachment to it. Many people who cherish jewellery say they feel "naked" when they are not wearing it. Because yes, jewellery is a part of you, it lives with you and accompanies you everywhere, all the time. So if you feel like wearing a handcuffs bracelet or a tie bracelet, L'Atelier d'Amaya is there to satisfy your desires.

Customised men's jewellery

Give free rein to your creativity and make each piece of jewellery unique thanks to our customisation. To please the men in your life, your brother, your companion, your father or your son, the jewel is a personal gift that is chosen with care and love. If you choose a personalised jewellery gift for men, we will take care of the engraving, with care and love in our turn. For more than 15 years, we have been engraving your messages on our jewellery with love and passion: love, friendship, a date, a symbol, a name. Our jewellery is a unique gift with a story waiting to be told. Among our catalogue, you will find our personalised men's bracelets and also our men's bangles. You can also succumb for a matching couple jewel, a couple jewel that can be personalised by having a unique message engraved on each jewel. Mark your love on silver or gold and wear each other's presence everywhere you go. The special care we take with each of your orders and the satisfied feedback from our customers are our greatest success.

Which jewel to offer to a man?

The choice of a man's jewel is a personal and thoughtful choice. It must match the tastes of the person to whom you are going to give the gift, it must please without boring, but above all, it must give life to a memory. We know, by habit, that it is easier to offer fine and discreet jewellery to men who rarely wear jewellery. So opt for the tie bracelet with small marine link for men or the tie bracelet with handcuffs for men. Although more discreet, this is no reason not to make this man's jewellery as unique as possible. Choose to engrave a first name, a date or a symbol so that it reflects the person you have chosen to please. If the man you cherish likes stronger pieces, we suggest the tie bracelet with Marine anchor for men or the silk ribbon bracelet with handcuffs for men. Don't forget to make it unique by engraving it. The choice of material should be made with the other jewellery the person is wearing. If he is used to wearing more silver then opt for a silver bracelet for men. On the contrary, go for a gold jewel if you know his preference for gold plated.

When should I give a man a piece of jewellery?

Giving a gift is above all a way of pleasing someone and showing a certain affection, a certain love. But there are occasions that are more appropriate than others for giving pleasure. Valentine's Day, Christmas, Father's Day, a birthday, a wedding, a birth and many other unique events are a special time to choose a special gift for a special person. We take care to package your orders in beautiful boxes to make the discovery of the jewel a beautiful moment.

Now that you know everything about our trendy men's bracelets, from their symbolism to the possibilities you have to personalise them, discover all our models and choose your favourite men's jewellery to offer or to give yourself.