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Children’s jewellery

You are the partner of the most beautiful moments of your children's lives: their great adventures, their first discoveries filled with innocence... Because there is no age to adorn yourself with beautiful accessories, we offer you a catalogue of jewellery for children where you can choose the material, the medal, the tie, the liberty or the engraving. We have at heart to allow you to personalize each jewel to make it unique, like your child.
Whether it is for special occasions or just to please, the jewel is a special attention that anchors in time moments of life.
Are you looking for a child's christening jewel? Opt for a flat gold medal chain necklace by having the date of birth, the first name or a symbol engraved. With a matching medal bracelet, offer the most beautiful set for this very special event.

At what age should I offer my first jewel?

The safety of the little ones remains our priority. In order to be sure not to take any risks, we advise you to wait until their 3rd birthday to give them the most beautiful gift. From this age onwards, the child will be able to understand the safety instructions that you can give him/her regarding the wearing of jewellery. The awareness of danger is greater, which limits the risks. If you are still unsure about what to wear with your little angel, choose an accessory without any medal, a cord bracelet or a pretty Liberty bracelet to make your child happy and safe!
Make sure you choose the length of the necklace or bracelet you want to offer carefully so that it is neither too small nor too big. We hope that you will be pleased with your order. However, if you change your mind within 14 days of purchase, we will be happy to offer you a full refund to the original payment method. Products purchased on L'Atelier d'Amaya may be exchanged up to 30 days from the date of receipt. Engraved pieces are non-returnable/ non-refundable.
However, giving children's gold jewellery as a gift requires a high level of attention from loved ones.

Children's jewellery for girls

To brighten up a little girl's wrist, you can go for a liberty bracelet and medal for children. Liberty® is a fabric made of cotton with floral prints. It is both light and bright, which gives it a nice effect when worn on the wrist. Children (and adults) are often said to have their head in the clouds, so offer a small cloud tie bracelet or a small cloud chain necklace in silver. Does your little angel steals your jewellery to do like mum? Choose a mother-daughter duo with the tie bracelet with small handcuffs to be found in the children's collection and the women's collection.

Children's jewellery for boys

To be worn like a baby bracelet, choose to offer a flat medal cord bracelet to your little one. For more fantasy, have the medal engraved with his favourite nickname or lucky number. All ideas are good to be engraved on a pretty jewel. Mounted on a pretty cord with a wide choice of colours, the mini star bracelet is a lovely gift for a birthday or even the end of year celebrations.

For older children

The half bangle and chain, a timeless creation of our Atelier and original since 2014, is also available for children. The 925 silver half bangle and chain bracelet with heart medal for children brings a little bit of softness to all outfits. Among all our bangle, you can also find the hammered lock bangle to associate with a liberty bracelet or a tie bracelet to complete the look.

Finally, remember that there are no precise rules and that the most important thing is the smile of the person to whom you are giving a gift.

Personalised children's jewellery

Our selection of 925 silver and gold-plated children's jewellery sets celebrates the uniqueness of your little ones thanks to our personalised designs: an engraved medal, a liberty bracelet or a tie... It's up to you! You don't know which engraving to choose? Are you short of ideas? Don't hesitate to consult our gallery of symbols to get inspired. A heart, an animal silhouette, a cloud, a children’s names jewellery, a cuddly toy or even a flowery initial, you're bound to find what you're looking for among our suggestions. Moreover, we offer a service for all your special requests. For any particular engraving request, you can send the image by email to our Customer Service at specifying on which piece of jewellery you would like to have it engraved. The price for a personalised request is 15€.

Children’s jewellery box

In order to take care of the little wonders offered to your little ones, fall for our L'Atelier d'Amaya jewellery box. You can store your children's bracelets and necklaces in it to protect them from external aggression when they are not being worn. Please note that our jewellery is guaranteed for a period of 1 year, except for tassels, tie bracelets and Liberty, guaranteed for 3 months.Jewellery accompanies us through the major stages of our lives, from a very young age. To be able to recall the most beautiful memories even when the years have passed, use our jewellery box as a real memory box. Once opened, your memories of yesteryear come back in an instant.

L'Atelier d'Amaya celebrates happy events with you and is committed to offering you quality children's jewellery. Each order is prepared with love in our Atelier based in Bordeaux where the passion for jewellery is passed on.